benefit of broccoli for skin

The benefit of broccoli for skin and hair

Broccoli is one of many varieties of cabbage. It differs from its brethren in its unusual sprouts. This type of plant is very popular in cooking. It is used in many salads or as a garnish for other dishes. In addition to the culinary merits – you can also note the useful properties(1). This vegetable is rich in vitamin C and also contains a lot of fiber. Plus it helps in the fight against cancer. The substances contained in the cabbage – prevent the development of cancer cells. Also, note the benefit of broccoli for skin and hair. That’s what today’s article will be about.

Broccoli-based sunblock

Broccoli cream is one of the best sun protection creams (2). It is quickly absorbed by the skin and blocks the effects of UV rays. Thanks to this property – skin cells are not exposed to aggressive rays. It is also worth noting the therapeutic properties. If you get sunburned, this cream relieves inflammation.

The restorative effect

Experts have long noticed the benefits of broccoli on the skin. This plant accelerates the regeneration of the skin. Healing of small wounds, abrasions, and cuts is faster. This vegetable is also often used in cosmetology, improving the skin of the face. Thanks to the accelerated repair of damaged cells – you regain your beauty.

The fight against skin cancer

The beneficial substances found in broccoli are effective in fighting cancer. This is especially true for skin cancer. This plant prevents the development of cancer cells. They contain micronutrients that simply block the ultraviolet light from affecting the skin. In addition, this cabbage cleanses the composition of the blood, making it healthier.

What are the skin benefit of broccoli?


Our heroine is rich in fiber. Thanks to this – there is an intensive purification of the blood. And the flow of pure blood to the skin – cleanses it. Thus, your skin will look healthy and beautiful over time.

Fighting aging

Free radicals are a major cause of wrinkles. They also make our skin less strong and elastic. It is these radicals that age us. But, the beneficial substances in broccoli can help fight them. Vitamin C and beta-carotene are two of the most important. These substances destroy free radicals, which slows down the aging process.

What is broccoli good for my hair?

If you want your hair to be healthy and shiny – broccoli will help you. It contains natural silicon, which creates the effect of shine. Usually, this substance is artificially synthesized and added to shampoos. But why would we need chemicals when we have a natural product? Boil some broccoli. Then grind it into a homogeneous mass in the form of a paste. Apply it to your hair. After a few treatments – you will see positive changes. Your hair will become beautiful and healthy.

Broccoli helps hair growth

The rich vitamin complex contained in broccoli also affects hair growth. Vitamins A and C in particular stimulate hair growth. Also, the calcium contained in the plant – makes them stronger. If you want healthy hair, try eating broccoli every day.

Combating hair loss

In addition to increasing hair growth – this variety of cabbage makes them more vital. The antioxidants contained in the seeds – strengthen the roots. And vitamin complex and calcium – make hair stronger and more elastic.

Here we have given you some examples of how broccoli affects you. If you want to have healthy skin and hair, include this plant in your diet.

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