We should immediately note that our four-legged friends can eat cabbage both raw and boiled. But we recommend always adding a little seasoning and vegetable oil to it. It is important to remember that portions should be small, as the florets contain isothiocyanates – these can cause stomach pain for the pet.

Can dogs eat broccoli and how safe it is?

To answer briefly, yes, dogs can eat broccoli! But you have to eat everything in very moderate quantities. Plus, it is desirable to completely abandon the frying of the vegetable and the addition of garlic.

Although modern foods allow animals to replenish vitamins and minerals almost completely, but adding natural vegetables to their diet – additionally strengthen their body.

As for humans, a vitamin set consisting of A, B and C vitamins will be relevant for the pet. Well, the presence of zinc, phosphorus and other useful minerals will favorably affect the health of the pet. Another plus is that broccoli has virtually no harmful fats, and its pleasant “crunchy” structure will please your pet.

benefits of broccoli for the dog
benefits of broccoli for the dog

What are the benefits of broccoli for the dog?

The consumption of this plant brings a lot of positive effects. First, it will stabilize weight and lose excess fat. Secondly, the work of the nervous system is normalized. Third, if there are any wounds/cuts – they will heal faster.

It is also worth talking about vitamin K, which is found in this type of cabbage. This trace element affects the bones by strengthening them and making the bone tissue more elastic. Thus, CB is great for puppies and especially for older dogs.

Also the presence of vitamin C – will help aging pets by strengthening the heart muscle of the pet.

As we wrote above, broccoli can be served both fresh and cooked. For dogs, as well as for humans, it is better to feed boiled cabbage, because not every body is able to process a large amount of fiber. The main thing when cooking to avoid adding hot spices (onions, garlic, pepper) and butter, as it can all harm the animal.

How can broccoli be dangerous for dog
How can broccoli be dangerous for dog

How can broccoli be dangerous for dogs?

Well, to begin with, eating broccoli too much is not a good idea. Everything is good and healthy, but only whenWell, to begin with, eating broccoli too much is not a good idea. Everything is good and healthy, but only when eaten in moderation. In any case – we recommend that you first consult your veterinarian about whether or not you should spoil your dog with this product.

Remember that cruciferous plants contain isothiocyanates. This compound includes sulfur, which, for humans, is even useful in such quantities, but in a pet it has the potential to irritate the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, we advise you to feed your pet small portions of broccoli, because otherwise it can suffer, and even fatal outcomes are not excluded.

Warning: Broccoli in the daily diet should be no more than 10% of the total food intake. 10-25% will lead to poisoning, and exceeding this threshold can even lead to death.

Of course, it all depends on many factors: breed, weight, age of the dog and so on. But, before you systematically give your pet broccoli, see how he feels after the first trial meal.

You can tell if your dog is overeating and intoxicated by several factors: vomiting, diarrhea, or general lethargy. If you notice these symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian right away.

We also recommend crushing the stems of the plant, especially if you have a small pet. This should be done because the stem is quite hard and can get stuck in the throat. An alternative is a steam treatment – this will give the tissues of the plant a softer texture. You can also cut off the top hard layer, leaving the pulp itself.