Chicken and Broccoli diet

Chicken and Broccoli diet

Nowadays a lot of people are overweight. Moreover, this problem is relevant for both men and women. At the same time, it is much easier to gain weight than to lose it. That is why people are always looking for the most successful way to lose extra pounds.

At the same time, the developers of the chicken and broccoli diet claim that the weight loss process will take place without any additional physical exertion. Plus, the products used are as natural and accessible as possible.

What is this diet?

Based on the name of the diet, it is clear that the main two components are Broccoli Sprouts and chicken. Chicken is rich in protein, and broccoli contains many essential minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber. 

Our diet does not include carbohydrates. At the initial stage, the extra weight goes away with the water from the body. And by sticking to our thorough plan, you will achieve good results. Excess fat will not only be burned off but also converted into additional energy. 

Yes, we know that eating only chicken and cabbage for a long time is difficult. This is what discourages people. The body will feel weak and lethargic. All this happens because of the lack of necessary carbohydrates. But this is only if you cook the products only in one form. If you cook meat and cabbage in different ways – the variety will be sufficient. For example – the chicken can be boiled, fried, or baked. You can also boil it into soup. All of this, except boiling, applies to broccoli as well. The fact is that when you boil the vegetable – it loses a lot of nutrients. That’s why you should boil the CB so that it is slightly raw. Or the cabbage can be steamed or microwaved, as well as roasted.

Broccoli and chicken diet schedule

Broccoli and chicken diet schedule
Diet Schedule

The entire duration of the diet is 10 days. We make 5 menus. Each menu is used for 2 days. Each day is divided into 3 meals. In parallel, you can consume tea and coffee, but with a minimum of sugar. Water is not restricted.

Day 1-2

  • Breakfast – 50g of wholemeal bread, 200g of boiled broccoli, tea/coffee.
  • Lunch – 150 gr. boiled chicken, 100 gr. boiled cabbage, 250 ml. chicken soup.
  • Dinner – 250 gr. Broccoli cabbage and black tea.

Day 3-4

  • Breakfast – fry 250g. Broccoli in vegetable oil, adding sweet peppers and some garlic.
  • Lunch – salad with 150 gr. of cabbage, 50 gr. of tuna, 2 tomatoes, and some onions. 
  • Dinner – repeat breakfast.

Day 5-6

  • Breakfast – salad with 100g of chopped boiled beef and 100g of broccoli.
  • Lunch – 1 whole wheat bread, and 200 gr. of cabbage boiled with a little salt.
  • Dinner – 1 glass of milk, lean beef.

Day 7-8

  • Breakfast – tea/coffee, 2 boiled eggs, 100 gr. cabbage.
  • Lunch – 100 gr. broccoli, 150 gr. chicken meat, 250 ml. chicken broth.
  • Dinner – tea, 250 gr. of broccoli.

Day 9-10

  • Breakfast – 2 boiled carrots, 100g of boiled broccoli. 
  • Lunch – 1 loaf, 100g of boiled fish, 100g of boiled cabbage.
  • Dinner – 1 boiled potato, 200 gr. broccoli.

Yes, too many it will seem like a diet, not for gourmands. But after you go on this diet, you are guaranteed results! The main thing you need is discipline. If you stick strictly to the plan – the effect will not make you wait. In addition to weight loss, the broccoli will remove excess toxins from you

The benefits of the chicken and broccoli diet

In addition to the fact that you will lose weight – there are other advantages. The main one is detoxification of the body. This issue is especially relevant for smokers. In addition to nicotine, other toxins will be eliminated from your body during the diet. 

Chicken breast and cabbage combine to replenish the body with a substantial vitamin set. It includes vitamins A and A, B and B2, C and PP. In addition, magnesium, sodium, and iron will be replenished. Well, plus will be an abundance of useful fiber and other organic compounds. Folic acid is useful during pregnancy. It is found in large quantities in broccoli.


If you want to achieve real weight loss results – follow the recommendations.

  • Eat skinless chicken meat.
  • It is better to eat broccoli raw or half boiled.
  • Strictly follow the diet. 

And remember that raw broccoli is rich in fiber. And this means that it is possible to have gas and diarrhea. Otherwise, there are minimal restrictions.


  1. A diet for weight loss with cabbage, whether it be white, feolet or brokali, is the most effective. But among the leaders in this group of vegetables, they are worth brokali. They are rich in a variety of nutrients and vatamines that help burn calories. It is important when using brocali to maintain a diet. From my own experience, I will say that it works after ten days.

  2. Excellent article. I really liked the article because I think this chicken and broccoli diet is very good, what I like the most about this diet is that it contains many proteins, many essential minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber, the article gives you a series of daily menus, breakfast, lunch and dinner which is fantastic, and they also mention the benefits of this diet. Without a doubt a good article that we must read.

  3. There are many dietary dishes with brokali, recipes for cooking the sea, so you should select for yourself individually. For me, the most delicious and healthy recipe is baked chicken with broccoli. I advise you not to boil the broccoli, since all vitamins are lost from the vegetable. If you are using frozen cabbage, place it in a colander and pour over boiling water, put in a skillet and stir to cook over low heat.

  4. I tried to lose weight in many ways, to lose at least four kg. The maximum was to lose 1 kg. recently came across this site a diet with brokali. I picked up a diet for myself where this cabbage is almost everywhere. Such a diet was maintained for more than ten days. The result is visible on the scales. In fact, cabbage is so effective and healthy. I give my children a little bit. Winter is coming soon, you need to gain strength and strong immunity.

  5. It is cool how many various dishes are possible to make with broccoli and chicken. You can literally choose any to your taste. Moreover, it gives other benefits such as detoxification. The supply of vitamins is above and beyond. Discipline is a true problem though, it is tough and painful to strictly follow the diet. Another issue – I can’t really imagine eating raw broccoli. I will probably give it a shot one day.

  6. A very good combination in my opinion. Let me boil the chicken, bake it, and fry it. But at the expense of brokering it, I do not advise you to cook it, since during cooking its properties are lost, in the microwave the most optimal variant. This chicken and broccoli diet will be implemented ten days later. There is a specific menu that I I still use brokali for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but with a combination not only with chicken but also with tuna and vegetables.

  7. Very good combination of broiled cabbage with chicken. I always take the breast because it is free of fat. It works great with boiled rice. Since this is a budget option for losing weight in the summer, it is a sin not to use a healthy vegetable and lose weight to your health. Personally, I use brokali three, four days a week and I feel great, which I wish everyone, and I advise you to buy a miraculous vegetable.

  8. The broccoli diet came to us from America and from the ancient Roman Empire. Since this cabbage is low in calories and it tends to saturate our body, after the dishes made from it, hunger is not felt for a long time. Each housewife can choose for themselves a ration with broccoli, with what to combine it. Chicken was just a bomb, and delicious and healthy. To preserve all the vitamins, I advise you to bake or scald cabbage with boiling water. Tasty and healthy.

  9. Cabbage is not suitable for everyone who suffers from an intestinal disease, then it is not advisable to use brokali, unless of course in significant quantities provokes bloating. For those who have no contraindications, then a diet based on broccoli and chicken is just a bomb for body fat. The result of losing weight will be visible after 10-12 days. It is important to include it in your diet every day.

  10. Heard repeatedly from various sources about the benefits of brokali, my mother said from childhood that even a small slice of this cabbage replaces a whole package of vitamins. Indeed, this is a true truth. Almost in brokali there are all the necessary vitamins for human life. It is recommended to add broccoli for babies to vegetable soups. A broccoli and chicken diet is a great option. I love this combination, delicious and healthy.

  11. Diet with broccoli and chicken may not be very tasty for many, but it gives good results. The biggest advantage of this diet plan is that it is the perfect detox plan. This is healthy food and thanks to this diet you can lose weight without harming your health. Thanks to you, my sister lost weight. She now loves her body and feels very well. Thank you very much for this article.

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