Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage, its use, and harm

As the name implies the vegetable was brought to us from Asia. Napa Cabbage, if not Chinese people, are a good judge of different plants and herbs?

An exclusive feature of this vegetable is a large content of vitamins and minerals so necessary for people. At the same time, its tastiness was noted in culinary art long ago, so the vegetable is widely used in cuisines all around the world. It is an interesting fact that Napa cabbage is similar to Red cabbage in the number of useful vitamins.

Let’s discuss it in more detail.

Chinese cabbage – useful qualities

Chinese cabbage leaves contain a large number of alloys. Thanks to these substances the organism’s performance efficiency are significantly improved. Due to fiber abundance which the vegetable contains the digestion process is normalized. An extensive vitamin base in the plant organic matter helps to split unwanted oils and to remove the excess liquid from the organism.  Then it helps the human liver functioning by increasing the enzyme’s counteraction against various toxic substances attacks.

If we consider the plant vitamin content, we see that it contains a large amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). It promotes collagen production in the organism, which improves skin elasticity. Medical experts also recommend eating cabbage in winter or in cold weather. It will increase immunity to various diseases.  

Doctors often recommend this vegetable to people who want to lose weight. Due to its unique constitution, it can be eaten both raw and after heat treatment. Herewith the number of kilocalories does not increase and remain at the same level.

Harm and counterindications

Despite a large amount of positive effect on a human being, there are also negative aspects. One of them is the fact that the plant contains a large amount of citric acid. It has a negative effect on people whose organisms have excessive acidity. Its use is not recommended for people suffering from gastritis, ulcers, or pancreatitis.

It is contraindicated to consume Chinese cabbage together with dairy products. The nutritionists do not recommend combining it with cheese or quark as it increases the risk of stomach upset. If you take medications to thin the blood – consume the vegetable in small portions. Due to the large content of vitamin K, it can be harmful to health if eaten at high doses.

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