The cabbage soup diet

If you started reading our article – then you want to get rid of extra pounds. Moreover, you not only want to lose weight but also to do it quickly. If so – we have great news for you! Diet on cabbage soup – solve your problem!

What do we know about this diet?

You’ve probably heard of this diet. It is also known in the world as the Dolly Parton diet. Or the Mayo Clinic diet. If – yes, then you know that through this diet you know that you can lose up to 4.5 kg in just one week through this diet.

The history of the emergence of the methodology is quite mysterious. To date, there is no consensus on who and how it was developed. The official data of the American Dietetic Association believes that it appeared in the 1950s. True, some experts insist that the diet originated during the 1st World War. At that time, U.S. Army soldiers developed a special recipe for the soup. They called their invention Doughboy Cabbage Soup. Naturally, they did not think about losing weight by making cabbage soup. The soldiers were fighting scurvy in this way. Scurvy is a disease caused by a lack of vitamins. In particular, the lack of vitamin C is detrimental to the body. At the same time, the soldiers knew that of all available products – a lot of vitamin C only in cabbage. Thus, as often happens, the effect of weight loss was uncovered by accident.

The second wave of popularity of the diet came in the 1950s. Then it was forgotten until about the 1980s. But with the gradual advent of copying machines, fax machines, and the Internet – the recipe has once again spread among people. And today the cabbage soup diet is one of the most popular.

Who is suited to the cabbage soup diet

This weight-loss method is usually used by girls. All of them can be divided into two categories:

  1. Women with organic free time. When we are all in a hurry somewhere, it is difficult to find a free hour or two in today’s world. Unfortunately, but most weight loss techniques take 5-6 weeks. Naturally, not everyone is willing to wait that long. And, let’s be honest, many of us can fall off during this period of time. Especially since our life is not just about losing weight. We study, work, raise children, etc. We have very little free time. And what we all want – quick results.
  2. Girls who want to get a quick effect, without changing the life we are used to. Many of us need to lose weight very quickly. Such situations are many – for example, the wedding of a friend, a birthday party. We want to look beautiful, but no time for a long diet. That’s in such cases and helps our development.

Note that the cabbage soup diet has a fast but short-term effect. You lose a few kilos in a week, but the result is not fixed for a long time. On the one hand, this is a minus. But on the other hand, it can be a motivation. If you have lost weight, you probably want to continue to be slim.

The original recipe

Actually, there’s nothing new about the modern way of making soup. Just as in the 50’s it was cooked – similarly it is prepared and now. However, modern technology makes it possible to speed up the process. Previously, the soup had to be cooked for about an hour. But our research has shown that during this time, the vegetable loses its usefulness. We have shortened the process. First, we bring the dish to a boil. Then cook for no more than 20-30 minutes. And the finished soup you can eat without restrictions.


For the soup we will need:

  • Green cabbage – 1 cabbage.
  • One large onion.
  • Celery (stalks 5-6 pieces).
  • One green pepper.
  • Canned tomatoes in their own juice.
  • Juice of 8 vegetables (if you can buy) 1.3 liters. If no juice, 4 cups water.
  • Olive oil (no more than 1 teaspoon).
  • Half a teaspoon of hot sauce (to taste).


  • First, finely chop all the available vegetables.
  • Then fry the onion in vegetable oil for a few minutes.
  • Add pepper and celery to the onions – fry for 4-5 minutes.
  • In a saucepan we pour the juice, throw a few cubes of broth. Immediately add tomatoes. We put everything on a small fire. If everything is chopped finely – cook for about 15 minutes. Readiness is determined by the fact that the vegetables have become soft. 
  • After that add shredded cabbage. Cook +/-10 minutes.

Meal regimen

The cabbage soup diet menu

The first day is fruity.

Eat any fruit you like, except bananas. If the feeling of hunger remains, you may eat soup.

The second day is vegetable.

Change your diet from fruit to any vegetables. Their quantity is unlimited. You can eat them either raw or cooked. Exclude only legumes and corn. Greens in moderation. Occasionally eat soup. For dinner, you can bake potatoes (large 1 piece) with butter. 

The third day is a combination of Day 1 and Day 2.

Vegetables + fruit and soup. The amount is as much as you like. Eliminate dinner with potatoes. Bananas are still under lockdown as well.

The fourth day is a banana day.

Bananas are now allowed. Eat them without restriction. Plus you can drink skim milk. As for the soup – you eat it, as before, several times.

The fifth day is meat.

You are allowed to eat some chicken or beef. No more than 300-500 grams of meat. It is better, of course, to replace the meat with other protein products, if you have the desire. Plus, you can eat 5-6 medium tomatoes for the day. Soup is allowed in unlimited quantities. Another thing to note is that on this day you should drink a lot of water. This is done in order to remove uric acid from the body.

The sixth day is a protein day.

It is recommended to eat a lot of vegetables and proteins. If you want, you may replace meat with baked fish. Soup is what you want, at least once a day. Greens are not forbidden. From the bans – only baked potatoes. 

The seventh day is the final day.

Traditionally, it is soup. You may diversify your day by eating brown rice boiled or steamed. Vegetables are allowed in unlimited quantities. Juices with minimum sugar content are also allowed. In addition, drink plenty of water.

How it works

The secret lies in the fact that cabbage leaves contain a lot of fiber. It gives you a feeling of fullness. Based on data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture – 500 grams of cabbage contains about 20-25 kilocalories and 5.7 grams of carbohydrates. As for the vitamin set, it is rich in vitamin C. In 500 g. contains more than 35 mg. of vitamin C – almost a daily norm. And as we wrote above – cook the cabbage for no more than 10 minutes. This allows you to save all the useful substances and remove excess bitterness from the leaves.  Thus, the soup makes you full and nourishes your body with energy. 

The essence of the diet is simple! The more you eat low-calorie and hearty soup – the faster you lose weight. 

Physical exercise

Many people want to lose weight faster and in addition to dieting – do sports. Yes, physical exercise will help you. But it is necessary to approach everything wisely. It is not necessary to start running 10 km races at the same time. Do not overload the body. It is better to do light exercise – yoga, swimming or long walks.

  • Don’t starve yourself. Eat the diet unrestrictedly. If you feel hungry, it means that you have violated the diet. If you do not follow all the instructions, there will be no effect. 
  • Give up salt. There is no need to salt the soup. Do not use substitutes or sea salt.
  • Drink only water. Juice is okay on the days listed on the menu. There is a lot of unnecessary information on the Internet, where they write that you can juice… It is not true! You want to lose 4 kg, not 2 – strictly follow the diet!
  • Do not change the recipe for soup. Do not improvise and add extra elements to the soup. The same “harmless” carrot will greatly affect the effect. For example, 250 grams of carrots is a lot of sugar. Sugar = calories. Get it?
  • Tea/coffee – you can indulge in them, but without sugar and cream.

The secret of the method

As we wrote above: most diets are a long-lasting process. You have to wait a very long time for the desired result. And most of us, not seeing the effect, give them up. And here’s the plus side of the cabbage soup diet – you will see changes in just 1 week. Yes, the effect is short-term. But why not use it as the first step? When you see your transformation – it motivates you greatly. That way, you can begin to change yourself in the long term. After all, it’s no secret that being overweight is bad for your health.

Bottom line

We have given you all the information so that you can get rid of up to 4.5 kg in a week. But, note that a lot depends on your mood. If you set a goal – you will achieve it!

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7 thoughts on “The cabbage soup diet

  1. I tried a cabbage soup diet. But I’ve never been on this diet for 7 days. Usually 2 – 3 days. During this time, it really takes a couple of kilos, including excess water. To keep the result, you need to get out of the diet correctly (without breakdowns, gluttony and useless carbohydrates in the form of sweets and rolls). The energy from such a diet is really rushing over the edge! I didn’t know where to put myself 🙂 Therefore, I recommend going to the gym during detoxification – these days you will especially like it there))
    But the feeling of hunger haunts constantly, I will not lie. The more soup you eat, the more you want mashed potatoes with a cutlet :))

  2. I really liked the article. Many do not even know that so many dishes can be prepared from ordinary cabbage!

  3. Good afternoon. Recently I decided to try this diet and I want to share my impressions. When we are all in a hurry somewhere, it is difficult to find a free hour or two in the modern world. Unfortunately, but most methods of weight loss take 5-6 weeks. Naturally, not everyone is ready to wait that long. And, let’s be honest, many of us may fall during this time period. But thanks to this diet soup, I managed to lose weight in a fairly short time. Thank you very much, I recommend this diet.

  4. Good evening. To begin with, my dietitian recently said that my diet should include certain dietary soups. I tried quite a lot of different recipes from the Internet, but everything I wouldn’t try was impossible to eat. But suddenly I came across this dietary cabbage soup and was pleasantly surprised, because it was this soup that caused me positive impressions and showed excellent results. Thanks! I recommend it.

  5. I had gained a lot of weight in the last few years and couldn’t find any motivation to start a diet. It’s hard cause if you’re hungry it’s harder to work and also you have to think about calories counting (or carbs counting!). I personally can’t do it for long. So this diet plan is pretty good start for me! I read the meal regimen and it looks so easy to follow! I already started the diet. Probably will do it again sometime!

  6. I struggled with excess weight for a very long time. What kind of diet just did not try, but everything was useless until I came across this article. This article was my last chance to lose weight. This soup turned out to taste good. I spent a month on a diet and the result was not long in coming. This diet helped me lose weight. I’m so glad about it. Thank you very much to the author for such an article.

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