Here is her story and words for anyone who wants to do the same:

My weight and health were at risk. My doctor said if I didn’t get on a diet and start taking action, I was on the verge of diabetes. I pondered, inquired, and read forums for a long time. One of them recommended an article about losing weight on broccoli and chicken. 

I read the article, and damn, chicken and broccoli are what I love. So I said to myself, “Brenda, here’s your chance to keep diabetes away.” I printed out the menu and bought all the foods to start the diet. After 7 days, I had lost 4 pounds. My husband was overjoyed, and I thought it was cool.I set a goal to lose 3 kg in 5 days, and I did it. “Great,” I said to myself. Now I stick to low-calorie foods, and my weight keeps decreasing.

I want to thank your team for a great article and a good way to lose weight. Keep up the good work.



Terrific story; glad you made it, Brendan. Keep up the good work.

This post is not a call to action to go on a diet, is not a way to lose weight, you are not guaranteed results; and you risk damaging your health. This information is for persons 18 and older and is for informational purposes only. Consult your doctor beforehand.

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